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Abdulla Barakji

Entrepreneur. Innovator. Storyteller. Digital Marketer. Writer.

My imagination takes me places, and I enjoy that.

My name is Abdulla Barakji, an entrepreneur and digital marketer based in Lund, Sweden. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in E-Business and I’m pursuing my Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University. I decided to create this website to act as a platform to showcase to my journey in the startup world. If you need help with your idea, have a hard time marketing your startup, or want someone to speak at your event, I’m your guy!

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Lund University

    With a focus on "New Venture Creation".

      VOS Architects is a startup based in Dubai. You can learn about them here.

        Jibber Jabber is a smart calendar app for students. You can learn all about it here.

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        You can find my author profile here.

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          Canadian University Dubai

            Online Magazine

            • Entrepreneurship
            • Inspiration
            • Lifestyle
            • Entertainment
            • Profiles

            Check out my first startup here!

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